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*Aria Real estate  3-12-19  5 stars " Ron did a fantastic job in communicating our issues.  Thank You" 

*Oliver C. 3-13-19   5 stars "Great job, very friendly and fast!"

*Bobby M. 3-11-19  5 stars "Very helpful informative and responsive.  Thank you"

*Mary W. 3-18-19  5 stars "Edward explained things well and was very courteous"

*Pam K. 3-11-19  5 stars "Very nice, professional and knowledgeable"

*Sandra L. 3-7-19  5 stars "Great knowledge very helpful and patient"

*Micheal K. 3-7-19 5 stars "Very professional a true asset to your business"

*Malcom M. 3-12-19 5 stars "On time, knowledgable, informative, answered all questions"

*Linda M. 3-7-19 5 stars "John was great!! He did a very professional job and was very polite and helpful.  Lisa is great as well. Thank you for the great service all 17 years."

*Kathy S. 2-27-19 5 stars "Great service, prompt and efficient. Very polite and clear on instructions."

*Melvin W. 2-27-19 5 stars "Professional install and great instructions.  Very Pleased."

*Mike D. 3-6-19 5 stars "Edward was easy to work with and very professional.  Made me feel very confident in the work."

* Yetta 3-6-19 5 stars "Very helpful and nice.  Did work in a timely manner and professional. Thank you"

*Judy A. Petra Industries 3-7-19 5 stars  "MIckey did a great job in handling our annual inspection. He is very knowledgable and it was very smooth with no malfunctions."

* Pauline R. 3-14-19 4 stars "Quick, Thorough and polite service"

*Gary M. 3-18-19 5 stars "Derrick did a great job on installing and explained everything."

*Kim M 3-14-19 5 stars "Appreciate Edwards customer service and explaining maintenance plan."

*Lynne R. 3-19-19 5 stars  "Always Helpful"

*Erin B. 3-27-19 5 stars "Everyone has been wonderful!"

*Larry B. 3-25-19 5 stars "Great to work with, very knowledgeable about systems. I couldn't ask for anyone better thanDerrick.  Thank you Larry."

*Kristi L. 3-19-19 5 stars "Marcus is so knowledgeable and nice.  True customer service.  He is friendly and gets the job done!"

*Brian N. 3-21-19 5 stars "Edward is an excellent person and did a great job."

*Fred B. 3-18-19 5 stars "Marcus was friendly, respectful and professional.  He is a credit to TAG."

*Wayne A. 3-14-19 5 stars "Very Professional"

*Jennifer W. 3-14-19 5 stars "Quick, timely and professional-Thanks!"

*Craig P. 3-26-19 5 stars "Cary is Awesome!"

*Sarah R. 3-28-19 5 stars "Great and fast service!"









Reviews 5 Star Ratings

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